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Add to Your “To Do” List: Subtract Holiday Stress

David Pryor, MD Stressed out by too many tasks on your holiday “To Do” list? Well, here’s a solution offered in a Harvard Business Review article: “add more items to your list.” I know, I know, that’s not the answer you expected to hear, but read on to see why it just might be the answer that you need.

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Holiday Cookies: Family and Extended Family Relationships

Alicia Stallings Let’s face it: in today’s day, maintaining close ties with members of your extended and even immediate family can be very difficult. When the reality of intra-family conflict is factored in with the time limitations and far distances that keep us apart, fostering intimacy with family members can be a true challenge. However, regardless of the particular issue, the Holidays are a good time to reconnect. Here are some suggestions for improving the quality of your relationships with family and extended family over the Holiday season.

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Holiday Food Safety

One of the best parts of the Holiday season and celebrating this time of year is the food. Between the pies, potatoes, and masterfully cut and carved birds, the winter Holiday season is a truly gastronomic joy. However, along with the pleasure that comes along with eating Holiday dishes comes the risk of food borne illness. While food borne illness is always a concern in food preparation and presentation, the risks are even higher during the Holidays and other celebratory events, as food is left out on counters and stovetops for hours as guests come and go and serve themselves.

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Maple-Roasted Sweet Potatoes

This year, try this tasty, healthier alternative to the holiday favorite of Candied Yams, and let us know what you think!

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Holiday Cookies: Romantic Relationships

Alicia Stallings Between the rich food, warm lighting, and sultry, jazz-inspired music that come with the season, the mood of romance is a natural part of this time of year. So why not take advantage? Here are some suggestions for how to make great cookies with your significant other this time of year.

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