Destination Fit

Destination Fit

By: Laticia Jackson on (0 comments)

Beginning a fitness-training program is an exciting adventure, but often excitement can be replaced with feelings of frustration. Being frustrated may be a result of not knowing how to get started and where to go for guidance.

Have you ever felt this frustration?

If you have, you are not alone.  Millions of other women have felt the same way.  Although reaching the destination  to a fit body is  a process that is often overlooked by moments of frustration and the desire to achieve success overnight, you are worth the frustration and time required to become the healthiest version of yourself.

Therefore, before you through your hands up and say “ I quit,” take a deep breath, string up your Nike's and lets get moving to a healthier happier version of yourself.

What is the first step on this journey?

Step 1. Discover your body type

Discovering your body type is an important element in designing an individualized fitness-training program. Having an understanding of your body will help you set realistic goals and expectations as to how your body will respond to exercise. There are three main body types, ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. 

  • Ectomorphs are people who are lean and skinny and who struggle to gain weight. Mesomorphs have a more athletic-looking physique. 
  • Mesomorph women tend to take on the hour-glass shape. 
  • Endomorphs have a curvy body shape, tend to have underdeveloped muscles and battle weight gain.  However building muscle in endomorphs is easier with the proper training.

Some people fall into more than one category. Due to your individuality, it is important that you do not compare your body to others. Your body has its own unique structural foundation and your training should be tailored accordingly. 

View the sites in the reference section at the end of this article for more resources to help you determine your body type

Step 2. Set Realistic Fitness Goals

Why is it important to set goals?

Whether it is financial, marital, spiritual or physical, goal setting is an important aspect of life that keeps you focused and accountable. In reference to setting fitness goals, your goals should be objective, measurable, short-term, long-term and challenging yet realistic.

Step 3: Measure and Assess

Prior to starting any fitness or weight loss program, it is important to gather a baseline of information to determine a starting point. This information may include current weight, BMI, muscular endurance, flexibility and muscular strength testing. These tests can be performed by a personal trainer or someone with a background in Exercise Science. Every 4-6 weeks have someone take your measurements again to determine if you are on track to meeting your desired goals.  

Step 4. Plan of attack

Let me ask you a question? Would you go on a road trip without a map or directions?

More than likely your answer is no. The same principle applies for reaching your fitness goals. It is harder to reach your destination without direction. Once you have your measurements recorded, create a plan of attack.

If one of your goals is to do more push-ups within a minute, a plan to build upper body strength is required. If you desire better cardiovascular conditioning, a cardio program needs to be designed. Your plan needs to support your goals and needs to be realistic and based on your current lifestyle commitments such as work and family.

Step 5. Consistency is your friend

Before we go further, let’s address an issue that may hinder the success of your training program. That issue is consistency.

Starting a fitness training regimen can be exciting, but after a couple of months, you may find yourself falling off the excitement wagon. Work, family obligations and boredom threaten to take you away from your commitment. As women, we have people pulling us in many different directions, but first things are first. Yes, you may be a mother, wife, boss, friend and sister but you cannot play these roles and leave out the most important one. That role is being a best friend to yourself.

Taking time to care for yourself will make you more readily available to handle work, family and friends. If you decide to take an hour for the gym, the world will continue to rotate on its axis without you spinning it. Make working out a part of your weekly regimen. Any behavior done consistently for 30 days becomes a habit and if you fall off the fitness wagon don't beat yourself up. Your human and everyday will not be a perfect day.

Although we live in a world which encourages success overnight, it is important to realize getting fit is a journey with many destinations. Be patient with yourself and enjoy the journey.

While in the process of getting fit, grab a few of your girlfriends, remember you are your sisters keeper!


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